Sunday, June 29, 2008

My bags are packed and ready to go

Well hellooooo everyone!

I'm writing to you on the floor of my room surrounded by everything I'm about to leave and everything else that made the cut to come to Turkey. It's kinda strange that me life for a year fits into a 30 x 14 x 14 inch duffle bag, oh and a backpack! I actually feel over packed...I guess its the sheets, the sweaters for the cold winters and nice clothes to teach in (I can't wear jeans or a t-shirt while teaching -my world is kinda torn up by it...I guess I'm finally growing up Ma! Now only if there were stores that carried a super-extensive length...)

So I thought I would name this blog Turkish Delight because it sounds so delicious, as does my journey I'm about to embark on (goes together like tuna fish and lamb chop!)! But don't take it too literally because this so called "tasty treat" is AWFUL! Sure it starts out delightful with a chocolate coating, but inside is a grandma's rose-swamped bathroom barfing all over your mouth! So I'm definitely crossing my fingers that my Turkey experience remains chocolatey right to the very center! That indeed would be quite a delight! -perhaps I should have called it an afternoon delight?!....

I'm so stoked for this journey, which actually starts a day early! I leave on Monday June 30th (arriving July 1st mind you), but I get to spend the day in San Francisco with the fam! We're doing this so we don't have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get me all the way to the airport on Monday and to hopefully find me some pants for my go-go gadget legs (thanks Scottish friends). I also hear that the gay parade is going on at the sametime! Holla! Half naked men! And I guess one last look of unforest (body hair) covered males!....and perhaps a non-whif of BO (as this apparently only happens in Turkey -I'll get back to you on that one Pam and Allan!).

Can't wait to hear from all of you! This is a 2-way street here! So comment or email me back yo! I care just as much as you do with what's going on in each of your lives!

Woohoo Turkey!


kelli said...

Woo Hoo! I'm excited for you! That sucks you have to pack your own sheets! all that room you could be using for teaching clothes and close toed shoes...
ps. is this a parent-read blog or under 30 only blog?
and check out mine @

MissJessie said... you go to find or create yourself! You are a TRUE Campbell and a grand one at that :) I do ask for one thing as your big Sis I must say, "keep ur panties on, ur money tucked in your boobs and never, ever, put down your purse or someone may just run off with it!!!" (lol! just thought I'd remind you one last time hehehe).
Have a blast and both of you Katie's take care of one another, love ya both, but you of course just a little more ;) lol!
Jess xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo
P.S. U better write!

Vanessa :) said...

YAY!! A BLOG! These are totally terrific (as you know I also had the blog experience)
I can't wait to read all about this oh so fabulous trip ! I promise to check in more often than I write my emails! LOL ;)
Love ya !!! Be safe and have FUN!!!


Melissa said...

Another bad emailer here, but I swear that I'll read your blog every chance I get! You're probably already halfway around the world right now, but I just wanted to tell you to have fun and be careful!! (Just in case you haven't heard that enough!)

Anyway, take care and I'll keep in touch, I PROMISE!!